Motorola France: Motorola Moto Maxx is not coming to Europe

Motorola France: Motorola Moto Maxx is not coming to Europe
Having an international version of a DROID branded handset that is exclusive to Verizon in the U.S., is nothing new. When the Motorola DROID kicked off Androidmania in 2009, a version of the phone was available for those outside the U.S., including Canada. The Motorola MILESTONE not only had all of the features that the DROID did, it also came with pinch and zoom right out of the box.

Now, five years later, the most powerful DROID model ever has been released in the states as a Verizon exclusive. The Motorola DROID Turbo has all of the top notch specs that a current flagship phone should be packing. And last week, the manufacturer announced the Motorola Moto Maxx as the name of the phone in certain overseas markets. Available with 64GB of native storage, and sporting the Ballistic Nylon back, the Moto Maxx carries the same specs as the DROID Turbo does.
The Motorola Moto Maxx is already available in Brazil, priced at $870 USD. It is also expected to turn up in Mexico and in certain Central, South and Latin American countries. One area where you won't find the phone, is in Europe. A tweet from Motorola France that was disseminated on Monday, reveals that the phone will not be offered in France, or any other European country for that matter.

Those in Europe shut out of the Moto Maxx, might want to consider the Nexus 6. With similar specs to the Moto MAXX, the major difference between the two is the .7 inch larger screen on the stock Android Nexus model. Both phones are manufactured by Motorola, and the Nexus 6 is now expected to see the light of day on the continent by the end of this month, or in early December.

source: @Motorola_France via TuttoAndroid (translated), BGR

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