Motorola DROID heading to AT&T and Luke Wilson?

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Motorola DROID heading to AT&T and Luke Wilson?
Remember that AT&T commercial where diners had their AT&T smartphones replaced by Verizon branded models? There's the shot of that lady waving the Motorola DROID back and forth, asking, "Where is my cool phone?" If  web site 'wireless goodness' is right, that cool phone with the AT&T branding could very well be a GSM version of the Motorola DROID. The site just pointed out that comparing an FCC lab test of the DROID with a new Motorola device shows some positive connections between the two. First, both models use the same exact battery, SNN6843A. The DROID carries FCC ID# IHDP56KC1 and the mystery device is known as IHDP56KZ2. The latter unit is loaded with AT&T's WCDMA frequencies and taking that into consideration along with the similarities of the two devices-including the battery-suggests a version of the DROID could be AT&T bound. Now this is obviously quite a long shot and it should be pointed out that the DROID shares the same battery as its stablemate Motorola CLIQ. The only thing is that the CLIQ is already quadband GSM and as the site points out, it is unlikely that Motorola would make a new CLIQ just to add AT&T's bands. So for now, Matlock fans, we have us a mystery. The lady in the ad might be happy to know that her cool device might already be in her hands.

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source: FCC via wirelessgoodness


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