Motorola DROID flahes us with Adobe 10.1

Motorola DROID flahes us with Adobe 10.1
Last week. we showed you some video of the Nexus One loaded with Adobe Flash. Well, not to be out done, there now is video of the Motorola DROID all loaded up with Adobe's 10.1 version of its software. The Adobe placeholder has pointed out Flash was going to be added to the handset, so this is no surprise. If you notice a slight difference in the functionality between the DROID and the Nexus One, it could be due to the latter running Android 2.1 and the former powered by Android 2.0.1. But don't fret, DROID owners (yes, you CAN be fretless) because by the time that the Flash is added to your handset sometime in the first half of this year, your device will probably be also powered by Android 2.1.

Being able to view Flash animation will allow you to get a more in-depth look at the news, such as with the New York Times and BBC sites. Having the Adobe software will also allow the DROID user to access certain video game web pages as well as visit certain web sites that play current television shows. The bottom line is that adding Flash will make browsing on the DROID a much closer experience to browsing on your PC at home.

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source: YouTube via TalkAndroid


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