Motorola DROID Bionic desktop dock and car dock show up on Amazon

Motorola DROID Bionic desktop dock and car dock show up on Amazon
Where there is smoke, there is fire. Yesterday we showed you what appeared to be an early version of the "Droid Does" page for the Motorola DROID Bionic. However, our crack CSI team found it to be a fake. Tonight's Bionic leak does seem to be legit. Amazon has listed a car dock and a desktop dock for the mythical Motorola model. Both listings had no price listed nor did they have an availability date. What you can do is enter your email address so that Amazon can let you know when the accessories will be available.

The Vehicle Navigation Dock has a rapid charger for the Motorola DROID Bionic, and automatically switches the Bionic's screen to the proper mode when you plug the phone into the accessory. The 3.5 mm audio jack on the dock allows you to connect with your car's speakers to play downloaded music or music apps. The product also allows optimized hands-free calls thanks to echo control and noise reduction settings.

The desktop dock remembers which apps and shortcuts you want on the homescreen, and lets you use the dock's 3.5mm audio jack to plug in your own set of speakers. Like the version for the car, once you plug your Motorola DROID Bionic into the desktop model, the screen changes appropriately. Most importantly, in this day and age of quick dying Android batteries, the dock keeps your phone constantly charged.

This sign that we will soon see the launch of the Motorola DROID Bionic will be pretty hard to refute. With that in mind, we really could be just  a couple of weeks away from one of the most anticipated handset releases of the year.

source: Amazon (1), (2) via AndroidCentral

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