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Motorola Calgary caught in silver skin?

This article contains unofficial information.

Motorola Calgary caught in silver skin?
Merely a day after the new year started, Motorola’s alleged Calgary has been photographed in its silver shell. It’s still unclear whether or not Motorola will be launching this Android handset in a variety of colors to choose, but the silver casing harkens back to the RAZR days. From the information BGR has received, the QWERTY keyboard on this was “nice” and the phone was “easier to use” when comparing it to the Motorola DROID.

As you can see, there’s some spacing in between the buttons on the QWERTY as opposed to the space-less ones on the DROID. MotoBLUR is in full swing on the handset which makes it somewhat more simplified to use. Finally we see a trackpad towards the lip and is heard to be a fantastic navigational control to get around the interface. In addition to offering the usual Wi-Fi, GPS, and 1420 mAh battery, there is no indication that it’ll be a global ready device with the lack of a SIM card slot – it’d really be hard pressed to see this one get that treatment over the more powerful DROID. The paint job on this one may not please everyone, but it’ll ultimately come down to personal opinion whether it’s a deal or a dud.

Motorola Calgary Preliminary Specifications

source: BGR

Motorola Calgary caught in silver skin?

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:44

1. LGVX1993 (Posts: 260; Member since: 27 Jan 2009)

Looks good to me.

posted on 02 Jan 2010, 11:19

2. vzw fanman (Posts: 1976; Member since: 11 Dec 2008)

yup looks cool.

posted on 02 Jan 2010, 11:37

3. vzwman (Posts: 385; Member since: 26 Oct 2009)

Really nice, Motorola seems to be on a rebound

posted on 02 Jan 2010, 11:59

4. coasterfanryan (Posts: 24; Member since: 05 Jul 2008)

The keyboard looks the same as the Moto Rival. If this is the case then no one should have a problem with it. They are the perfect size, spacing is great, and have a slight click.

posted on 02 Jan 2010, 12:48

5. Striker13084 (Posts: 128; Member since: 30 Mar 2009)

this is a 4 row the rival has a 3 row

posted on 02 Jan 2010, 14:06

6. iTony523 (Posts: 36; Member since: 31 Jul 2009)

Striker is Right. but I think he just meant like the Size and Spacing.

posted on 02 Jan 2010, 14:19

7. jovel16 (Posts: 53; Member since: 05 Oct 2008)

It definitely looks like the keyboard on the Rival.....terrible in my opinion. Hopefully, the buttons aren't plastic and use the same material found on the DROID.

posted on 02 Jan 2010, 20:51

8. VZWPunchingBag (Posts: 6; Member since: 25 Aug 2009)

Ooooh this looks really nice, what the Droid should have looked like. I'd have upgraded to the Droid if it looked more like this. Also hoping its soft-touch as the Rivals keyboard feels cheap (expected for a phone in that price-range) but is at least far more usable than the Droids.

posted on 03 Jan 2010, 12:29

10. Dood (Posts: 269; Member since: 23 Mar 2009)

If the droid looked like this I wouldn't have gotten it. This looks silly to me. Personal preference.

posted on 03 Jan 2010, 01:31

9. VZW_Phone_Whore (Posts: 18; Member since: 11 Oct 2009)

looks like a sidekick.

posted on 07 Jan 2010, 07:02

11. Pez_Dispenser (Posts: 2; Member since: 07 Jan 2010)

System Performance Analysts for Verizon are testing the phone out. Which indicates it shouldn't be too far off from release. It's running Android 1.6.

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