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Moto X+1 said to be coming with optical zoom and... 3D display?


It feels like it's been forever since we first started hearing about the next-in-line Motorola flagship. Dubbed the Moto X+1, the device has been making rounds for a while now, and new pieces of the puzzle are seemingly added weekly. Today is no different, and will go towards the X+1's quota for the coming week.

Now, in complete fairness, the following information is nothing more than hearsay, so don't go crazy just yet, but Hellomotohk (a source with a decent track record) claims that the Moto X+1's camera will sport optical zoom. That's right -- the already peculiar shooter (due to its seemingly built-in two LED flash diodes) will apparently also allow you to do some lossless zooming, though we'd imagine that, if true, we won't be talking x10 zoom like with the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

Another interesting piece of information has to do with the curious sensors at the X+1's front. As you can see from the above render, courtesy of @evleaks, the Moto X+1 may have a feature along the lines of the Amazon Fire Phone's 3D Display. Having said that, we're mostly skeptical that Motorola will go down that path (it apparently took Amazon years to make the feature acceptable, and we're yet to see if that investment will pay off), so perhaps these sensors will instead unlock some kind of gesture interactions with the phone. Those would be a neat addition to the Moto X+1, which will likely also inherit Touchless Controls and Active Display from the Moto X.

The Motorola Moto X+1 is expected to be unveiled on September 4th.

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