Moto Rapture VU30 and Samsung Sway U650 coming soon to Verizon

Moto Rapture VU30 and Samsung Sway U650 coming soon to Verizon
Thanks to a tipster, we learned today that Verizon will be releasing the Motorola Rapture VU30 and Samsung Sway U650 on October 14. We first heard of the VU30 back in March and the both devices have appeared on the most recent Mail in Rebate form. The VU30 will be a stylish flip phone, taking the place of the discontinued V9m, featuring a QVGA display, 2MP camera and music player with front controls, 8GB microSDHC support (no word on the 16GB card), Mobile Web 2.0 with Dashboard (Nationwide Plan Only, just like the Chocolate 3), Bluetooth, microUSB port, and a 2.5mm headset jack. The Sway U650 will be shiny silver slider, with a 2MP camera, music player, 8GB microSDHC support, Mobile Web 2.0, and Bluetooth. However, the Sway does not support EVDO, which means OTA Music Download are not supported and the remaining data must use the slower 1x network.

*UPDATE* EngadgetMobile is reporting both devices will be for sale on-line starting Oct 6th. The VU30 will cost $129 and the U650 will be $69, after $50 rebate with a 2-year contract.


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