Exclusive: First images of Motorola VU30 for Verizon Wireless

This article contains unofficial information.
Exclusive: First images of Motorola VU30 for Verizon Wireless
Information about Motorola VU30 was and still is very scarce. We first heard of it about a month ago, but we now have the first images of the device. As seen from the images, it is a small clamshell with oval buttons, but that's pretty much all we know for now. Also included is one image sowing the side of the V750, VU30 and V3c.

If anyone has more pics/info about the VU30 and V750, pleaseemailus.



1. But the placement of letters next ge unregistered

Looks like a pretty cool phone. But the placement of letters next to the buttones looks a little weird.

2. Tyler Walraven unregistered

To me it looks like there isn't a camera. no camera button on the keypad all cdma motos that i have seen that have a cam have a cam button right where that speaker button is and non cam phones have the speaker button.

3. DeeMan unregistered

This looks like it will be targeted to people who want a very simple phone. It very much resembles the Motorola w315, which was a horrible phone ... even if it was designed to be simple. I hope this one has better service.

4. Shannon unregistered

These are the first pictures of the vu30 that I've seen...but it is rumored to be 10x better than the u9 that just came out. I am speculating that the front screen is dark, but then lights up into a touch screen when touched...with different options from the touch screen front, or you can open it up. And of course there's going to be a camera on it....probably at least a 2.0

5. T-Money3000 unregistered

no matter what any of you say,.. this phone looks darn right UGLY!

6. elgee02 unregistered

So it will likely be a piece of crap.

7. hater unregistered

i have never seen a good looking Motorola, ever

8. T-HUFF unregistered


9. robbies143 unregistered

Looks like a samsung m510

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