More pictures of the Nokia Intrigue for Verizon

More pictures of the Nokia Intrigue for Verizon
Even though no date or price is known (yet), the Nokia Intrigue 7205 shouldn't be too far off, as some new pictures were leaked today. We first heard about the 7205 over a year ago, and now it's on the current Verizon Rebate Form. It appears that there will be two versions: one all black with a cubic d-pad, and a second with a pink keypad and flowery d-pad. The external display is similar in fashion to the LG VX8700, which means it has to be held sideways to read. The rest of the features don't stand out too much from the competition: 2MP camera, QVGA display, Bluetooth, VCast video, Mobile Web, and microSD memory card slot., but the Nokia does have one thing going for


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