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More pictures of the LG Miracle/Fantasy E740

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More pictures of the LG Miracle/Fantasy E740
A few days ago, we showed you some leaked photographs of an unannounced handset called the LG Miracle. Recently, a Romanian website put up pictures of the same device, calling it the LG Fantasy E740, and then quickly took them down. It is not known which name will be used when the model is launched in the first quarter, but we would imagine that there is a good chance that LG will be displaying the Miracle/Fantasy later this month at MWC.

Last month we showed you some leaked pix of the LG Fantasy E740, calling the device a high-end unit that would be the Korean manufacturer's first smartphone to be powered by the second-gen Windows Phone OS. The user agent site showed that the device had IE9 aboard which confirmed that Mango was installed out of the box. Now that it appears that the LG Miracle and LG Fantasy E740 are one and the same device, we can look at the pictures below and hope that we get a Miracle or a Fantasy in Barcelona.

source: GSMArena

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