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More pictures of the BlackBerry 9570 reveal it's just a Storm 2 Refresh

More pictures of the BlackBerry 9570 reveal it's just a Storm 2 Refresh
It's a shame, really. BlackBerry fans were really hoping that the new 9570 would be the Storm 3 with a whole slew of upgraded specs like a 3.7 inch screen, a 1GHz processor and LTE connectivity. But as we reported to you on Wednesday, it looks like the 9570 is nothing more than a Storm 2 "Refresh".

While the latest pictures of the device clearly show the 9570 to be a Storm 2 variant instead of a re-designed Storm 3, the addition of BlackBerry 6 OS and the WebKit browser certainly gives a boost to a handset that had its share of fans. And for those early adopters that suffered through the launch of the original 9530 Storm, the 9570 is surely a major improvement. Thanks to the "Refresh", owners of the Storm 2.5 (for lack of a better title) can tell their Android totin' pals, "Me too" instead of , "Mine can't".

We would expect the device to be ready in time for the holiday season. Those pinstriped wearing BlackBerry fans dying to pinch and zoom on their  touch screen browser, should start dropping hints now to their significant other. By the time we get details on a launch date and price, you should have firmly brainwashed your SO into heading to Verizon to pick up your Chanukah or Xmas gift.

source: BBLeaks

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