BlackBerry 9570 spotted; is it a Storm "Refresh" or the Storm 3?

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BlackBerry 9570 spotted; is it a Storm
The other day we showed you a picture believed to be the BlackBerry Storm 3. What we have below is a shot of the BlackBerry 9570 which could be either a Refresh of the Storm 2 or another shot of the Storm 3. How will we know if the BlackBerry 9570 is the Storm 2.5 or 3? Check out the specs, of course!

The 9570 has basically the same specs as the Storm 2 with an upgraded 5MP camera, 512MB of RAM and with the new BlackBerry 6 OS under the hood (bringing the new WebKit browser along with it). The SurePress technology is back again. Still, there is no talk of a 1GHz processor, a Mobile Wi-Fi Hot Spot and the LTE connectivity that the Storm 3 is expected to feature.

So looking at the situation as it appears to stand, the 9570 looks to be a BlackBerry Storm 2 Refresh-call it the Storm 2.5, and the super hot specs of the Storm 3 might be something we don't see until next year.

RIM BlackBerry Storm 3 9570 Preliminary Specifications

source: BlackBerryOS



1. herpderp unregistered

hmmmm tough to say. 9530 was storm 1, 9550 was storm 2. based off of number sequence, i'd say it's a storm 3, but if lte, hotspot, etc are in the cards, i'd say its a storm 2 refresh. but why would rim put that much money into manufacturing, shipping, and raw employee hours for something that will soon usurp it within a few months? i'm not really digging on bb, but based off the webkit and possibility for more browswers, my interest is piqued.

2. herpderp unregistered

sorry, "browswers" was meant to be, "applications"

3. scoder unregistered

it's the storm 3. verizon stores in new jersey got to play with a demo today at a training session.

4. unregistered unregistered

If Rim puts out a phone with specs like the underpowered BB Torch 9800 then they deserve what will happen as Android OS puts a foot on their back and crushes them one new phone after another,Blackberry Messenger(their saving grace and only prayer) can't maintain their vast line of Blackberry phones forever.

5. unregistered unregistered

Love my Storm2 but it's a dinosaur,waiting for Black Friday and the LTE launch!

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