More Samsung Galaxy S III rumors: colors, casing, processor and the Olympics?

More Samsung Galaxy S III rumors: colors, casing, processor and the Olympics?
Just in case you weren't sick of Samsung Galaxy S III rumors just yet, we have a bunch more for you. Of course, if you are sick of the rumors, well, why are you even reading this story in the first place? That just silly, really. Anyway, from what we've heard, it seems pretty likely that the SGS3 will feature a 1080p Super AMOLED HD Plus screen, with a quad-core Exynos processor and LTE. 

The new rumors are more about the outside of the device and the release ties. The complete details are up in the air, but it has been widely rumored that the device will have at least a partially ceramic case, with either glass or metal accents. Now, it seems as though there will be multiple colors as well. The phone will reportedly come in either a blue and black color option or a white option, which seems like a pretty reasonable piece of info as many other Samsung devices have had both black or white options. According to a "trusted source" of BGR, the SGS3 will also feature the physical home button that we saw before, and will not have on-screen function buttons that are available in Ice Cream Sandwich. 

Also, it seems as though the Galaxy S III will be the official device of the 2012 London Olympics. We had seen before that Acer would be releasing branded Olympic devices, but this would be an official marketing push between Samsung and the Olympics. This makes sense for a couple reasons. First, the announcement event that we just heard would be coming on May 3rd is taking place in London. Also, Samsung has already teamed up with the London Olympics to offer the official NFC payment option: payWave, so it would make sense that Samsung have a brand new flagship device to push this system as well. 

We should know soon enough how much of this info is on point. 

source: BGR 1 & 2

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