Musicians and fans can now profit from free synth apps due to the coronavirus situation

Musicians and fans can now profit from free synth apps due to the coronavirus situation
The current situation with the coronavirus has influenced a lot of tech companies to provide free services to apps, especially some team-work oriented collab apps, because a lot of people are forced to work from home. Now, Engadget reports that not only team collaborations apps are offered for free. Two companies are providing free access for a limited time to their music-making apps, for musicians and music making enthusiasts.

For iPhone users, the Minimoog Model D synthesizer by Moog is now free. Although the app wasn’t on the crazy expensive side of things anyway (its previous price was $19.99), the gesture will be greatly appreciated by mobile music producers. The app is actually a mobile version of the world’s first portable synthesizer, introduced in the distant 1970. The Minimoog Model D app offers a wide array of features including more than 160 presets, up to 4 notes polyphony (simultaneous lines of different melodies) and sound effects. However, it is not available on the Google Play Store.

On the other hand, Android users are not left with empty hands. For them, it's the Korg Kaossilator app that is now for free. The app usually costs around $20. The free download is available until March 20, while the sale for the same app for iOS users ends on March 31st. It offers playable sounds by stroking or tapping the screen, 150 built-in sounds, as well as real-time control of the music that’s made via the app, resembling a DJ experience.

Overall, as more and more people start to work remotely and spend most of their time at home to limit the spread of the virus, more tech companies start to orient themselves to offer their help in those challenging times.


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