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Monday's "Big Microsoft announcement" rumor roundup

Monday's "Big Microsoft announcement" rumor roundup
Microsoft is throwing a party for the media Monday, and while early reports suggested that it will somehow be related to Windows RT tablets, the rumors are now flying hot and heavy as to exactly what Microsoft will announce. Some of the rumors have started due to the timing (Microsoft has a lot of deals in the works right now), while others have been inspired by the location – it’s going to be in Hollywood, so does that mean it will be media-related?

There are several claims that Microsoft may get into the hardware business one way or another floating around - we’ve also caught whiff of a few folks who are claiming inside information, but they can’t all be right so some of them must simply be people talking out their… "guesses". Almost any of them would make for an exciting Monday event, so check them out and let us know which ones you think are the most likely in the comments below!

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