Modder replaces iPhone 3GS plastic rear cover with titanium one

Modder replaces iPhone 3GS plastic rear cover with titanium one
Sometimes in a crowd of people, you can literally see how popular the iPhone has truly become as you casually peek up to see a handful of people using Apple's pride and joy. You may think for a second that it's really difficult to make your phone stand out among the sea of other owners that have decided to make the iPhone their choice. Fortunately there was one person out there that decided to take matters into their own hands by modding their iPhone 3GS enough to make it stand head above water. Martin Schrotz took his time in coming up with the idea of crafting a new rear back cover that's sure to stand notice among other owners out there. He quickly removed the usual plastic glossy rear of his iPhone and crafted one that was completely made out of titanium alloy with the help of his favorite CAD program. We'd gather that this project would've taken some time seeing that precise measurements would've been required to perfectly place the titanium alloy rear cover onto the phone. Now that it exudes a higher level of quality workmanship, thanks party to his own, the phone is still able to function normally without any interference from the metallic back casing. So when he tricks out his iPhone to people, he's sure to get plenty of attention with its slick new finish.

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source: Engadget

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