Minor updates for Sprint's Samsung Epic 4G Touch and ZTE Fury

Minor updates for Sprint's Samsung Epic 4G Touch and ZTE Fury
A couple of Sprint handsets have received updates, but before anyone gets too excited, these are not OS updates so don't expect Android 4.1 for the Samsung Epic 4G Touch. Speaking of the latter, software version S:D710:10S:F127 fixes some problems that the phone has had with VPN and MMS related to 3G connectivity. At the same time, users of the phone will be able to edit the 'Out of Office' message on email. The update is being sent out in stages so don't panic if it hasn't yet arrived. Android 4.1? You will need to be a little patient there.

The update for the ZTE Fury brings improvements to the speaker phone, and improves the life of the battery which is always a great thing. The Network Options menu has been updated as well. ZTE has been in the news for other reasons this week when the House Intelligence Committee offered a warning about possible espionage as the Chinese government is alleged to have influence over the workings of the company. That doesn't mean that your ZTE phone is being used to spy on you. The government is concerned about U.S. telecommunications firms that use ZTE routers or switching equipment.

IF you have the Samsung Epic 4G Touch or the ZTE Fury, the updates improve the user experience for each handset. Sure, it might not be as noticeable as a new OS build, but in the end your phone will be better for having the new software version installed.

source: Sprint (1), (2) via AndroidPolice

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