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Minor update headed for the Motorola CLIQ XT

Minor update headed for the Motorola CLIQ XT
There are 1,000 selected Motorola CLIQ XT owners that are testing out a new software update as we speak and is similar to the trial update that was done with the original Motorola CLIQ. Based on the comments and experience from these select owners, the update may be modified somewhat before it is rolled out to everyone else – we'd imagine this is done to ensure that there are no major problems resulting from the new update. At the same time, it'll undoubtedly reduce some frustrations which were clearly voiced by Motorola CLIQ owners who came to find that their phones were bricked after installing an update. This time around, Motorola CLIQ XT owners can expect an improved overall performance, enhancements to visual voice mail, Bluetooth audio improvements, camera corrections, and some additional bug fixes to smooth everything out. Depending on how things go with the update for the select owners, it's unclear on what time frame we can expect to see this get pushed out to everyone else.

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source: TmoNews


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