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CLIQ update bricks phone?

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CLIQ update bricks phone?
Remember that minor upgrade sent out to owners of the Motorola CLIQ just the other day? You know, the one we reported that placed version 1.3.18 on the CLIQ and fixed some minor bugs with the touchscreen and GPS and improved battery life. One thing that the update has done to some phones which was not included in the change log, was to brick the handset. Some are reporting on the Motorola and T-Mobile forums that after downloading the upgrade and rebooting the phone, it accidentally sets the time stamp to "0" which in Linux is equal to December 31, 1969 at 7:00 P.M in the Gregorian calĀ­endar format. To make matters worse, the time cannot be changed which is making many functions of the handset not work. Some were told to do a Master Reset and that only made matters worse by not fixing the time and preventing users from signing into MOTOBLUR and even turning on the phone. Motorola and T-Mobile are aware of the problem and will be sending out a fix. In the meantime, do not update to 1.3.18 unless you need a new puck for your next ice hockey game.

A T-Mobile spokesperson named Meriah said, "Thanks everyone for informing us what the latest Motorla CLIQ OTA update has brought to light. We want everyone to know we have been reading your comments and we hear you. We have forwarded your concerns to the appropriate people and are working hard on them. As of now, we advise you not to Master Reset your phone if your OTA update did not download of if you are experiencing issues at this time."

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source: T-Mobileforums via AndroidandMe

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:45

1. volvo (Posts: 38; Member since: 26 May 2009)

I updated my phone yesterday morning and I've noticed that the battery life HAS improved, and that was really the only thing about the update that I cared for, well, also the better GPS but that's doing okay. So in the last 24 hours I've noticed that my phone is a little slower than bafore when swiping from screen to screen and also when going into my messages .. it takes a while to show the names of the people that I had conversations with. It's kinda depressing and I hope that Motorola/ T-Mobile send out a fix to this soon!

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