Microsoft to use "Nokia by Microsoft" branding on new phones; Surface name to be replaced by Lumia?

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According to evleaks, Microsoft is in the final stages of working out a licensing pact with Nokia. Eventually, Windows Phone handsets will still carry the Lumia name, but will be branded as "Nokia by Microsoft." In addition, there will also be a change regarding the Surface tablets. According to evleaks, Microsoft will be replacing the Surface name with the Lumia brand.

A recently leaked document revealed that Microsoft was planning on eliminating the Nokia name on Lumia branded handsets, 18 months after the close of the transaction that brought Nokia Devices and Services to Microsoft. Nokia X models are expected to lose the Nokia moniker after December 31st, 2015. And Nokia Asha devices are to lose the Nokia name ten years after the closing of the deal.

After spending all that money advertising the Surface Pro 3 during the World Cup, it seems surprising that Microsoft would want to use the Lumia name for its tablets. There is much that can be read into a move like this. Does Microsoft wish to have a fresh start when it comes to tablets? Lastly, we wonder if Microsoft plans on keeping the Surface Pro name for its enterprise related devices.

All of these questions will be answered in due time, and we should stress that this is still speculation right now,

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