Microsoft to preview Windows 8 tablet edition next week at two events

Microsoft to preview Windows 8 tablet edition next week at two events
Those almighty "sources familiar with the matter" have told Bloomberg that Microsoft is ready to demonstrate the tablet version of Windows 8 next week. It is not a far-fetched rumor, though - the Redmond-based software giant has been promising June demonstration since, well, since it said it will port the next version of Windows to ARM-based chipsets, and have a specialized tablet UI back at CES in January.

There are a few tech events scheduled for next week - the All Things D D9 conference, and Computex 2011 in Taipei. We already heard that the tablet Windows 8 will be demoed at the D9 conference, but Microsoft is allegedly demonstrating at both. Steven Sinofsky, Microsoft's Windows President, will be broadcasting from Rancho Palos Verdes, California, and VP Steve Gugenheimer will be the main man in Taiwan.

The Computex event traditionally features Original Design Manufacturers (ODM), which produce the computers and other gear for HP, Dell and the like, which slap their brands on them, so rumor has it that Asian manufacturers are having first dibs at the next Windows version, heading to a tablet near you.

source: Bloomberg


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