Microsoft to offer preliminary WP7-to-Mac connector

Microsoft to offer preliminary WP7-to-Mac connector
Mac owners can rest a little easier with their Windows Phone 7 devices, knowing that Microsoft hasn't forgotten about them. They promised recently that "Later in 2010 Microsoft will make a public beta available of a tool that allows Windows Phone 7 to sync select content with Mac computers." Although it isn't Zune for Mac, 'Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac' will suffice for now.

The Mac connector functions like the BlackBerry Media Sync application, using a dedicated application to transfer iTunes music and playlists. The Connector will recognize and display your device, and display the available and used memory, like it would with an iPod or iPhone. Syncing can be set to either automatic or manual, and can import photos from your device to your Mac as well.

Early reviews say that the interface is smooth, but lacks a couple of iTunes features you might be accustomed to. First of all, music has to be in a playlist in order to be transferred. Second, you can't drag files onto the device name to transfer them. And third, you can't sync over Wi-Fi.

While this might only be a temporary solution from Microsoft, it should ease the minds of Mac owners interested in purchasing a Windows Phone 7 device. This sounds like the solution that Microsoft promised, but the prospect of a Zune application for Mac is still likely.

source: Electricpig

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