BlackBerry Media Sync plays nicely with iTunes

BlackBerry Media Sync plays nicely with iTunes
RIM has finally made good on its promise to bring iTunes support to BlackBerry devices with the official introduction of BlackBerry Media Sync. Of course, it's an oddly curious paring given RIM's upcoming iPhone killer, but nonetheless owners of a Pearl, Curve or 8800 series device can now sync their iTunes playlists with their smartphone. BlackBerry Media Sync is a free download from RIM, and we'd expect to see it bundled with future devices.

source: RIM via Engadget Mobile



1. unregistered

This is great news for RIM, the new Thunder will benefit alot from this.

2. VZW Employee unregistered

Wow that's outrageous! I didn't think Apple and Blackberry would work together one something. Yeah, I'm waiting on the Blackberry Thunder and Bold myself. Hopefully they are worth it.

3. C-Chickie unregistered

Wow... thats shocking... its giving users another reason to wait for their Thunder to come out instead of just jumping to the Iphone. Its an intelligent move by RIM. Take a well-known and highly used program that was untill then not widely available and make it accessable to BB's. Very intelligent.

4. unregistered

so does that mean that u can sync it to imac? please help because i really want tha bb thunder but if it doesnt sync wit mac than its iphone:(

5. Dexter unregistered

I have a pearl and have downloaded the media sync on to my laptop. It was a relatively painless procedure and the program is quite easy to use. Only complaint is that it took several hours to upload 3.5GB of music onto the device. I'm not sure how this is a big deal, I was able to get music onto my device through the Blackberry syncing software that came with the device.

6. unregistered

So they made software for a original Mac program not compatible with Macs?

7. unregistered

RIDICULOUS. RIM, what are you doing???? Better step up and realize there ARE many Mac/Blackbbery users out here. You're driving Mac users to the iPhone!!!!

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