Microsoft takes another swipe at the iPad in its newest Windows 8 ad

Microsoft takes another swipe at the iPad in its newest Windows 8 ad
The scouts are hunting for the next big baseball player in Microsoft’s new ad showing the virtues of multi-tasking with Windows 8 on a Dell XPS 10 tablet versus Microsoft’s ongoing target, the iPad and Apple.

One of the virtues being showcased in this ad is seeing Skype in action while multitasking into a spreadsheet showing the prospect’s performance statistics. Everything continues seamlessly while the poor iPad user is diving in an out of apps.

This ad is aimed squarely at the mobile professional that needs connectivity and the familiar office environment to continue working. Fans of either platform will have their say, but even with iOS 7 in the works, Apple’s mobile platform will not accomplish this level of simultaneous action.

Once Windows 8.1 is available, the multitasking will be taken to a new level on the tablets as there will not be any limitations to how the apps are framed or be limited to only two at a time (assuming you are that much of a power user). Which one do you want to take to the ball game?

source: Windows (YouTube)


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