Microsoft says Windows is on just 14% of devices, needs to "rethink" its business

Microsoft says Windows is on just 14% of devices, needs to "rethink" its business
The number that is usually tossed around when it comes to Windows is that the platform is on over 90% of PCs. But, PCs have become a minority in the computing world with the rise of mobile, and especially Android. So, that number doesn't really work anymore. Microsoft has come out with a more accurate number, saying that Windows is now found on just 14% of devices in the world.

The admission came from Microsoft's COO Kevin Turner at the Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in Washington, D.C.. Turner said that Microsoft and its partners need to adopt a "challenger mindset", because the world is changing and Windows is not the dominant platform anymore. Turner also said:

Obviously, Microsoft is still confident that it can pivot and regain ground in the overall device market. As we've covered, there are plans for Windows 9 (aka Threshold) to appease desktop users by backing off of the Metro UI, and make mobile devices more consistent by focusing more on Metro there instead of the traditional desktop. Additionally, plans to merge Windows Phone and RT should come along well as more universal apps are built. Turner knows it could be a slow process, and is hoping to "go from 14% to 18%, from 18% to 25%, from 25% to 30%", and to do better to differentiate Microsoft products from the competition.

source: Geekwire via Winbeta

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