Microsoft says 10% of Windows Phone 7 users had a problem with its first update

Microsoft says 10% of Windows Phone 7 users had a problem with its first update
Microsoft has announced that 10% of Windows Phone 7 users had problems with the first update for the OS. The Redmond based firm said that there were different groups of users that had a difficulty smoothly installing the update. About half of those who failed to successfully download the update did not have a good internet connection when needed or did not have sufficient disk space for the download. The reason for requiring a decent amount of disk space is that the program automatically backs up the data on your phone just in case of a problem.

The remaining half are apparently the owners of a small number of Samsung branded Windows Phone 7 devices. Some of  these handsets have a unique issue that prevented the software from getting installed on the phone. Microsoft is working on fixing the problem. In  the meantime, the update for Samsung phones has been turned off while users of some models like the Samsung Omnia7 have reported watching their handset turn into a brick, thanks to the problem.

The guys in Redmond have passed along some suggestions to help those having problems with the first update to the OS. Because it is not being done OTA, Microsoft suggests making sure that your PC has enough hard drive space and that your connection to the internet is a solid one. If the Windows Phone 7 in your hand says Samsung on it, that is a different matter that might require you to wait for the software company to come up with a solution to whatever the problem is that prevents your handset from getting upgraded.

source: WindowsPhoneBlog via Engadget



1. SemperFiV12

Posts: 949; Member since: Nov 09, 2010

C'mon Sammy...

2. barfbag unregistered

Phone arena, can you please tell us what the Software version is supposed to be for the update? I havent seen this posted anywhere.

3. fmx220

Posts: 3; Member since: Oct 29, 2010

I have a "focus" and I haven't even been prompted for my update!

4. Turd unregistered

Compared to the nearly 40% failure rate for the infinite android turds that keep getting released, i'd say MS is doing pretty good.

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