Microsoft reports higher profit margin than Apple, Google or Samsung, phone division hauls in $546 million

Rumors about Microsoft's demise and "the end of the PC era," as Steve Jobs used to put it, seem to be greatly exaggerated, judging by the company's Q4 results.

The folks over at Redmond managed to pull in $6.38 billion profit on just $21.5 billion revenue. In comparison, Apple made $13.1 billion, but on $54.5 in revenue, and Samsung hauled in record $6.6 billion of net profit from $52.45 billion of revenue. If we round up the margin percentages, we get 30% for Microsoft, 24% for Apple, and 13% for Samsung. Google scored about 20% margin.

Moral of the story is that Microsoft still keeps the most money from its revenue when all is said and done, and the revenue it received from its mobile operating system division grew to $546 million. 

Granted, we'd bet that most of it is patent-related royalties from Android manufacturers, rather than Windows Phone licenses sold to Nokia, HTC, Samsung and the others, but it is perhaps in line with what Google is actually making from Android at the moment. 

We'll see how this year develops, but Microsoft seemingly has a fighting chance to turn this mobile game into a three horse race by the time the holidays hit. What do you think?

source: Microsoft


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