Microsoft owns PureView, ClearBlack and four other Nokia trademarks

Microsoft owns PureView, ClearBlack and four other Nokia trademarks
When Microsoft purchased Nokia Devices and Services, there were questions about what Redmond would do with certain Nokia created names, like PureView. The latter title was used by Nokia to denote a high-end camera on the back of some of its higher-end Lumia models like the Nokia Lumia 1020.

ClearBack is another name now owned by Microsoft. It is used to differentiate a screen that uses a technology to reduce the reflections on the glass, especially noticeable outside. As a result the blacks become blacker, which improves the contrast of the display, making it easier to read. The ClearBack technology is especially useful for mapping applications, since they tend to be viewed outdoors.

There are four other trademarks that Microsoft is keeping from its acquisition of Nokia Devices and Services. One is Asha, which is the name used for a line of featurephones. The Lumia trademark, which Nokia used for its Windows Phone powered smartphones, now belongs to Microsoft. The remaining two trademarks are Surge, which was the name of a Symbian powered Nokia handset from 2009, and Mural. In 2009, the Nokia Mural was released for AT&T. It is unclear why Microsoft would want to keep trademarks used on five year old Nokia handsets.

All six trademarks now belong to Microsoft Mobile Oy, the name that Microsoft chose for the division that contains Nokia Services and Devices.

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