Microsoft kills the Zune phone rumors

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Microsoft kills the Zune phone rumors
It was just a week ago when the Zune phone rumors looked to be true, as a Wall Street analyst of Jeffries and Co. said that Microsoft was likely to introduce the their own phone, which would be Zune-based, sometime over the next few months....either at the Mobile World Conference or CTIA in Vegas. Then things really started to get interesting when the newest Zune software update was released, and the code had references to three phone device drivers. With all this speculation going on, Microsoft has now went on record with Neowin saying "we have no plans to create a Zune phone." However, it appears that the Zune experience will be ported over to Windows Mobile 7, and not to have it's own specific Microsoft-branded phone. But even with Microsoft saying that there isn't going to be a Zune phone, we're sure the rumors will continue.

source: Neowin




Posts: 158; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

Damn damn damn!

2. prettyboy1974

Posts: 56; Member since: Mar 16, 2009

Why, stop being stupid Microsoft. This is what got you into this place, listen to what the people want then deliver above their expectations, that's how you make a truly revolutionary product.

3. crd22

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If you've seen the WinMo7 minimum specs and/or the rumored specs of some WM7 release phones, I'm pretty sure nearly everybody's expectations will be shattered. The software aspect is unknown up to this point, but MS has most definitely spent years making this new mobile OS as good as possible. With the Zune Software, or a variation + Xbox Live integration + everything else in WinMo7, it will certainly surprise a lot of people.

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