Microsoft is investigating Surface Earbuds' hissing/stuttering issue

Microsoft is investigating Surface Earbuds' hissing/stuttering issue
Some users are reporting a problem with the Microsoft Surface Earbuds

According to posts on Microsoft Community, a popping/hissing sound could be heard through the buds.

Some people claim that this happens when the buds anticipate that they are about to be used. So, for instance, when the connected device is unlocked or a call is about to be made, that sound comes up. It could be that the sound is indicative of the right bud establishing a connection with the left bud. To recap, Microsoft's hearables support single bud pairing which means only the right bud actually gets connected and it shares reception with the other bud. 

Microsoft is looking into the complaints

While some users say that the hissing sound only lasts for about two to three seconds, others say it can be heard constantly. 

One user also claims that the hissing noise is barely noticeable and easy to ignore. 

However, most users are clearly not okay with the problem. Microsoft has acknowledged the issue and is currently investigating it. It is not known whether the problem is related to hardware or software. If it's the latter, an update should fix it. 

The wireless earbuds market is pretty competitive and consumers are clearly not starved for options. Although the extent of the problem is not known, a sound related issue so early in the life cycle of the product is surely not a good sign. The Surface Earbuds show promise in that they are productivity-oriented and comfortable to wear. A persistent noise issue can undermine all of that and put off potential buyers.


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