This Surface Earbuds limitation could be a deal breaker for some

This Surface Earbuds limitation could be a deal breaker for some
Microsoft's first truly wireless hearables, the Surface Earbuds, are out now. They offer noise-canceling, comfort, and long battery life, and cost $199. While it's too early to give a verdict, they seem pretty good. However, there is one jarring problem that might put off some potential buyers. 

Engadget reports that the Surface Earbuds use a near-obsolete pairing method. Only the right bud is connected to the source device and it then shares reception with the left bud. Microsoft has confirmed to the outlet that this is how it is.  

So, if you sometimes like to sport just one earbud, you will have to make sure that it's the right one (literally and figuratively). Otherwise, if you step out with the left one only, it will not work. Good on Microsoft for making clunky earbuds. This will perhaps make it a little harder to displace your right earbud and if you somehow end up losing it, the other one will be practically useless. 

Since most people use both earphones at once, this is unlikely to be an issue. However, given that Microsoft took longer than expected to launch the buds just to ensure it gets everything right, it's a little disappointing to hear about this limitation. Single bud pairing is so 2018 and most new varieties pair both buds to the source device.

Hopefully, things will get better with the second iteration.

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