Microsoft has not given up on the Surface Duo just yet

Microsoft has not given up on the Surface Duo just yet
The Microsoft Surface Duo lineup plays in a league of its own. The unique form factor of the dual-screen device separates it from both conventional smartphones and the ever-more prevalent foldable ones from companies like Samsung. 

However, being different does not necessarily translate to being better. Over the course of its two generations, the Surface Duo lineup has failed to address major concerns like poor software optimisation, lackluster performance and an ostentatious price tag. 

Additionally, it has fallen into the trap of being neither a functional smartphone, nor a true tablet - bad at some things and worse at others. Hence, when the Surface Duo 2 remained out of stock at Microsoft’s official website for a couple of weeks in a row, many assumed that this marked the end of the ambitious device, whose innovative nature failed to make up for its poor execution. 

However, it seems that this is not the end for the Microsoft Surface Duo. According to Windows Central, Microsoft has officially denied the rumors that the Surface Duo has been discontinued. Furthermore, the tech giant has reaffirmed its commitment to “update and innovate on this form factor”. This information was subsequently covered by 9to5Google in a dedicated article

Therefore, not only is the Surface Duo lineup very much alive, but it is also quite possible for us to see a new Surface Duo 3 in the foreseeable future. The line between madness and greatness is, after all, very thin and the third time might be the charm. 

The article by Windows Central also points towards the possibility of the Surface Duo adopting a more “traditional” foldable display, bringing it more in line with something like the Galaxy Z Fold 4

At any rate, many have grown bored with the cookie-cutter smartphone designs over the past couple of years. It is interesting to see where Microsoft might take us with another Surface Duo.

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