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Microsoft clamps down tightly on Windows Phone 8 features

Microsoft clamps down tightly on Windows Phone 8 features
Microsoft has apparently become so concerned about leaks of the upcoming Windows Phone 8 OS, it has tightly clamped down on access to the software. According to Eldar Murtazin at Mobile-Review, OEM prototypes of Windows Phone 8 handsets each have a special activation key. During IFA, those who were allowed to look at Windows Phone 8 models found features blocked and inaccessible. Those pressing buttons on the devices received a pop up message or there was no response at all.

Just because the features were inaccessible didn't mean that they weren't on the handsets. Microsoft is said to be so paranoid with Windows Phone 8, that has not even showed certain features to its partners. According to the report, even OEMs working on Windows Phone 8 models have no idea about all of the features that Microsoft has provided for. Imagine that you are manufacturing a Windows Phone 8 smartphone and you are designing the hardware. Somewhere down the line, it might be important to know what Microsoft is planning so that you can incorporate it into the device.

The one exception is said to be Nokia. Perhaps because of their special relationship with Redmond, Nokia says it has been involved in the development of Windows Phone 8 from the beginning and had the ability to influence the code jockeys writing the software. Does that give the Finnish based handset manufacturer an unfair advantage? With anything in this life, money talks and, well, you know the rest.
source: MobileReview (translated) via UnwiredView
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