Microsoft adds Google to law suit against Motorola in Germany

Microsoft adds Google to law suit against Motorola in Germany
We recently told you that Microsoft was taking Motorola Mobility back to court in Germany, looking to get the company to join the other Android manufacturers paying a royalty for a feature on Google Maps. The patent that the Redmond based software giant is claiming that Motorola Mobility is infringing on covers the use of data points from two different sources and overlaying them on top of each other. Other Android manufacturers like Samsung and HTC pay Microsoft to use the patent. Microsoft made $792 million in the second quarter from royalty fees paid by Android manufacturers.

On Friday, Microsoft said that it would add Google to the law suit because Motorola Mobility has said that data important to the case belongs with its parent company. In response, Google says that it would like to "focus on innovation, not litigation." The Mountain View based tech titan says that it will "vigorously defend against any amended complaint Microsoft files."

Germany has not been a major focus at Motorola Mobility and the company recently pulled all but the Motorola Gleam, a featurephone, from its website in the country. Visitors to the site can register to buy the Android flavored Motorola RAZR and Motorola RAZR HD. The company claims that this was a planned move and not related to injunctions won against it by Microsoft and Apple.
source: ChicagoTribune via Electronista


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