Microsoft Surface Pro 4 may have two variants, and should be available before the rumored iPad Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 may have two variants, and should be available before the rumored iPad Pro
While there has been a steady stream of purported leaks and conjecture over a more business oriented iPad, dubbed the iPad Pro, we must not forget about a credible successor to Microsoft’s excellent Surface Pro 3, which is approaching its first birthday.

Not wanting to ruin a good recipe, Microsoft is reportedly working on a Surface Pro 4 and it will probably not be a wholesale departure from its predecessor.

What will Microsoft have in store for us with the newest Surface? Well it looks like we will have a couple choices, big and bigger. The 12-inch display will carry on, and there may also be a 14-inch display option to choose. Both are rumored to have 2160x1440 resolution.

On the inside, the latest and greatest from Intel, Core M Broadwell silicon based on the bleeding edge 14nm build process, will be running the show. That means the Surface Pro 4 may be among the first full powered tablet/Ultrabook/laptop/PC that will ship without a cooling fan. Of course, we can speculate even further based on the Intel chip (if accurate). That all translates to the possibility of an even thinner package, and it will probably score high marks for battery life as well.

Memory and storage is not confirmed, but 8 or maybe even up to 16GB of RAM may be possible, and without a fan, there is room for even bigger SSD storage. The stylus is sure to be around for the party.

Assuming that not too much power is given up in favor of the efficiency that is sure to be realized with the Intel Broadwell CPU, the Surface Pro 4 looks like it will be ready and able to pick up where the Surface Pro 3 leaves off. The newest line of Surface Pro tablets are expected to hit the market in the latter part of the second quarter 2015.

source: Inquisitr

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