Microsoft SkyDrive in the UK to possibly be renamed NewDrive

Microsoft SkyDrive in the UK to possibly be renamed NewDrive
Ever since Microsoft lost its legal battle with BSkyB over the branding of SkyDrive, we have been waiting to learn how the company would rename the service as required by the British court.

In addition to the name change, an undisclosed payment was also part of the decision. We are certain that any payment that resulted from the ruling did little to either company’s bottom line, but the name change was going to be a major event.

Based on a tweet from the pretty well connected Paul Thurrot, SkyDrive’s new name will be NewDrive. The folks at rightly point out that this might be just a “placeholder” based on the fact that while Microsoft was working on the design of the new modern themed, it was tagged as “NewMail.”

We are not putting any money down on a particular name, but the idea of naming it “Microsoft Drive” seems to be the best. What would you call it?

sources: Paul Thurrot via and WMPoweruser


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