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McDonald's Snapchat hiring campaign extends to USA, millennials wanted

This summer, workers in the USA will be able to apply for a job at McDonald's via Snapchat. The fast food chain recently declared its intentions to hire 250,000 employees across the country throughout the season, boasting the new "Snaplication" method as a pioneering hiring tool on its home turf. 

A similar hiring approach was actually first employed by McDonald's Australia a couple of months ago. Users from the Land Down Under have access to a Snapchat filter which lets them try on a McDonald’s uniform virtually. If one wishes to apply, they can commence the process by sharing a 10-second video of themselves in said uniform talking about working at the place. 

Stateside, the process is a bit different - the first-round application is substituted by an ad in which current employees talk about the pros of working for the restaurant chain. From there on, viewers can check out local job openings at the company's career page by swiping up. 

While it's needless to say that working for McDonald's won't likely be present on your "life goals" list, this approach certainly makes sense from the company's point of view. The majority of people employed in the fast food chain are aged between 16 and 24. Half of Snapchat's user base falls in the same age group, so one can say that it's a perfect match. 


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