Master & Dynamic's new MW08 Sport earbuds are scratch-proof, shatter-proof

Master & Dynamic announces new MW08 Sport earbuds
In case you hadn't heard, Master & Dynamic are a premium headphones and earphones brand that has been making high-end audio accessories for ages—and they've just announced the latest and greatest addition to their premium true wireless earbuds: the MW08 Sport.

Master & Dynamic are known for the distinctive and unique look featured by all of their products, and certainly no less when it comes to their earphones. They've made sure to stand out from the crowd with the truly different rectangular-on-one-side, semi-circle-on-the-other shape they've chosen for their earphones, which is a whole style of its own and could definitely never be mistaken for another brand. 

The latest model in the true wireless lineup holds true to this traditional Master & Dynamic design, and this one caters to the more sporty or exercise-inclined of their customers. Aptly named MW08 Sport, these tough little guys offer probably everything a person may be looking for in the earphones they wear while exercising. From their description, it seems like they can certainly take on anything—even CrossFitters! 

The MW08 Sport are rated IPX5 for sweat and water resistance, as all high-end sports earbuds should be. However, the real kicker is that Master & Dynamic has made them using sapphire glass rather than ceramic, which is what the previous, regular MW08 model is. This means that these earbuds are scratch-proof as well as shatter-resistant, according to the company. Sure sounds like they can take a beating, huh?

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The MW08 Sport earbuds also feature handy wireless charging, as well as a cool new case made from woven Kevlar fiber (pictured below) for safekeeping. The colors they are available in are white, blue, green, and black. The case itself also comes with an IPX4 rating, so even if a little sweat or water happens to splash over it while it's in your pocket (or anywhere else), it should be perfectly fine.

Needless to say, such premium quality (the audio quality doesn't disappoint, either) usually comes with a premium price tag. If you're thinking of getting the new MW08 Sport, you'd have to dish out a hefty $349 for them, which is fifty dollars over the base non-sport model launched earlier in 2021. Whether it's worth it or not, however, only you can decide.

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