Manual camera app for iOS 8 gives you full control: adjust ISO, shutter speed, manual focus, and white balance

Manual for iOS brings full-on manual controls to iPhone 6: ISO and shutter speed
Ever wished for full-on manual controls on your iPhone camera? So far, the option to control shutter speed and ISO were a no-go on Apple’s iPhone (and while some Android devices give you control over ISO, shutter speed is something that you cannot control on Android either), but with deeper access to the camera allowed by Apple in iOS 8, a new app has arrived finally opening up the iPhone to photographers with full-on manual controls.

The app has a very straightforward name - it’s Manual - Custom exposure camera, an app made by dev studio Little Pixels.

Full camera controls via Manual for iPhones on iOS means that you get easy access to the following controls:

  • manually select ISO (from 50 to 500), live preview
  • manually select shutter speeds (from 0.5” to 1/2000), live preview
  • manual focus
  • live histogram
  • white balance presets and manual white balance (you can select color temperature in Kelvin)
  • select to turn the flash on, off, or use it as a fill light

The app costs $1.99, but the price is well justified given all of this unique functionality that it offers.

Manual - Custom exposure camera is compatible with all iOS 8 devices: the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, as well as iPhone 4s; iPad versions 2 and newer are also supported, as well as the iPod touch 5th generation.

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