Man proposes to his girlfriend with a Windows Phone app

Man proposes to his girlfriend with a Windows Phone app
When a guy is ready to pop the big question, he usually buys a shiny diamond ring, takes his girlfriend to a romantic place, kneels before her and shoots. But all that, apparently, seemed too old-fashioned to Patrick Long. On Valentine's day, he proposed to his girlfriend, Jenny Longman, by using a look-alike of Wordament – a word puzzle game for Windows Phone that she is quite fond of. 

In Wordament, words are hidden inside of a 4 by 4 letter grid, and the player's goal is to find as many of them as possible. And with the help of a software tool called Microsoft Expression Blend, Pattrick coded his look-alike from scratch making it work similarly to the real game. As you might expect, he programmed it so that the sentence hidden in the puzzle reads “Will you marry me?” when solved. Check out the video below in order to get a better idea as to how Patrick pulled it off.

And in case you are wondering, she said yes!




3. tigermcm

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Um this was on WPcentral like last month where has PA been?

4. iHateCrapple

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It's a space-filler, don't have a heart attack.

2. akmaintu

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1. kshell1

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now that is sweet, a happy couple&he integrated it with his phone

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