Man pocket-dials 9-1-1 on his handset, talks drugs and is busted

Man pocket-dials 9-1-1 on his handset, talks drugs and is busted
Some days it doesn't even pay to get out of bed. Tuesday was such a day for 19 year old Matthew Dollarhide of Orange City, Florida. A tow truck driver, Dollarhide was surprised when he was pulled over in his tow truck by a Volusia County Sheriff's deputy. He was stunned when the officer asked Dollarhide why he was talking about selling drugs. After all, Dollarhide had what he thought was a private conversation with a passenger in his truck.

As it turns out, Young Mr. Dollarhide had stuffed his cellphone in his pocket and pocket-dialed 9-1-1 before discussing a drug transaction with this passenger. Besides hearing the conversation about selling drugs, the dispatcher heard that the call was coming from a tow truck and heard the name Harry. Dispatch put out a call at 9:42am with the location that the call originated from, and a truck with the name "Harry's Towing" was quickly pulled over.

Deputies found a crack pipe on Mr. Dollarhide and he was arrested and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. There is no word if the phone earned a reward for passing along information that led to the arrest.

source: NYPost

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