MWC '17 booth tour: a gallery of faces and places

MWC is a grand and colorful exhibition. Companies don't simply put a bunch of demo units on pedestals and docks and leave the attendees to experience them on their own. Far from it. They design shiny, fabulous booths, play loud music, hire artistic and communicative representatives, and even fly in some of their in-house talent so they can talk up their new products right on the spot.

Fancy booths and blinking lights aside, we's like to appreciate the numerous company reps who worked tirelessly with us and other attendees, presenting the products and just making MWC a wonderful and positive place to be. It can't be easy to stand there all day, helping out countless curious people passing through the booths, but nevertheless, not once were we greeted by anything else than a smile and willingness to cooperate. Reps were like the hidden heroes of MWC '17, so in the following gallery, we also tried to shine the spotlight on some of those wonderful people.



1. SleeperOne

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Talk about cringe.

2. mikehunta727 unregistered

Superb.. gonna print these out and make a MWC 17' album.

3. Plasticsh1t

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No babes? Fail.

9. JC557

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Thanks to political correctness and whining, they are now attractive women dressed up and given titles of "product specialist" or "marketing specialist" despite having not known much about the products they are showcasing prior to the show. Meanwhile for those positions in the company itself requires a degree related to. So no more eye candy even though everyone prefers interacting with attractive people (both men and women so it's not just women).

4. aman5mathur

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samsung_galaxy_s8_plus_leaks_geekbench-news-23746.​php The real news

5. hwb01

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6. Lsh99

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8. Mr.Pussy

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Them 2 girls can make a good sandwich out of me.

10. k9luvr

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Booth Toor There in Spain it's the spanish spelling

11. DoggyDangerous

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Where is Vernee Apollo 2 booth? They were about to announce apollo 2 with helio X30.

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