Lumo Lift - a wearable that nudges you to improve your posture

Lumo Lift - a wearable that nudges you to improve your posture
Shoulders back. Head up. Meet Lumo Lift – a wearable, magnetic posture and activity sensor, which is trying to save you some back pain and improve your health lifestyle. The gadget is the successor of Lumo Back, a similar gizmo, which was introduced as a Kickstarter project last year. According to the manufacturer, Lumo BodyTech, both wearables “are the only fitness trackers on the market that measure your posture”.

So what does Lumo Lift do, exactly? One of the more interesting features of Lumo Lift is the PowerUp mode. Simply put, it monitors your current posture and “nudges” you to gradually improve it - if the wearable detects that you are sitting wrong or slouch, it corrects you by gently vibrating. Of course, you can turn PowerUp mode off and still benefit from the gadget's other functions. Lumo Lift also keeps track of most of your daily activities, such as steps taken, calories burned, and even how much time you have slept and sat still.

All the data that Lumo Lift collects can be tethered to an app on your iOS device via Bluetooth (an Android app will be released soon, too). The app will act as a health journal, where you will be able to review your stats and track your progress over time.

Lumo Lift is much thinner and smaller than its predecessor. In order to work properly, the gadget should be placed anywhere on your upper body. Thanks to its relatively small size and magnetic clasp, you can hide it somewhere in your clothing (or underclothing).

Lumo BodyTech's smart posture sensor has been launched as a crowdfunded project. At the time of writing, Lumo Lift has pledged around $73,000 of its $200,000 funding goal. The wearable gizmo is priced at $59, but it's sold out. However, around 1,500 $69 Limited Edition Special units are available for pre-order. The gadget should ship in late spring 2014.

source: Lumo BodyTech via Engadget

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