Looks like the Moto X will be well received in China

Looks like the Moto X will be well received in China
Lenovo has taken ownership of Motorola, and the latter has been gearing up to offer its wares in China.  Based on registered interest received so far, it looks as though the brand is going to do just fine.

The companies did not waste much time to get the current Motorola Moto X and a couple other devices into the pipeline for the world’s largest mobile market. The Moto G is hitting the marker first, but Motorola’s official Weibo account noted that the company received one million “bookings” for the Moto X in just a few days.

“Bookings” does not equate to sales, rather, it is simply people that registered an interest to receive updates on the device. What is more difficult to gauge is how this interest will spread through word-of-mouth, and it will be interesting to see if demand for these devices grows.  It may not mean Motorola can count on millions of sales like Apple has enjoyed with the iPhone, but for an initial effort, it is noteworthy since Lenovo and Motorola only made the announcement last month of intentions to sell the Moto X, Moto G LTE, and Moto X Pro (Nexus 6) in China.

The online portal to register customer inquiries in China went live on January 27th.  One million out of population of more than a billion is not the biggest sampling ever, but it is an indicator that Motorola as a brand is getting exposure, and will likely benefit from Lenovo’s operations and distribution channels in China.  All-in-all, not a bad start for Motorola in China. 

via: GigaOM

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