Looking ahead: any Moto Mod you buy now will be supported by the Moto Z3, but maybe not the Z4


Motorola introduced its modular concept with the Moto Z and Moto Z Force back in 2016. Shortly after unveiling the phones and the shell-shaped mods for them, the company also announced that and Moto Mods that come out for the Moto Z will also be compatible with 2017 phone models as well.

And, of course, if you drop $100 or so per module, you'd like to know that you will be able to still use it even if you upgrade your phone, right? Makes good sense. But what about next year?

Motorola has officially confirmed that the Moto Mods will have “three generations of support”. Meaning that next year's Moto Z3 (assuming it's called that) will also fit nice and snug to the separately-bought shells.

One may ask “Well, what about the Moto Z4?”. It seems that Motorola might be looking to introduce a fresh new design by the time 2019 rolls about. And it only makes sense, the company has kind of locked itself in a certain size and shape for its flagships with the modules — something that the Essential Phone's creators have specifically tried to avoid with their alternate “clip-on” style modules.

So, but as many Mods as your heart desires with the confidence that they will be considered current technology up until mid-2019. We'll see what happens after...

source: TechRadar

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