Look, Ma, no bezel! Samsung working on a frameless Galaxy B Android handset for Q3

Look, Ma, no bezel! Samsung working on a frameless Galaxy B Android handset for Q3
Now this is getting ridiculous - just when one decides to buy an awesome phone he read about yesterday, today comes a rumor about something awesome-er and knocks down yesterday's determination.

Such is the case with the latest rumor, coming out of Korea, that Samsung is almost ready with an Android phone it's been prepping for a while that sports no screen bezel, and might launch it in Q2 or Q3. This coincides with the info we noticed in OLED technology presentations that Q2 will see Samsung's OLED factory switching to mass production methods for new screen types.

Tentatively named Galaxy B, the source says this phone will have a bezel only to host the earpiece and the camera at the top, no side frame, and no buttons underneath it. We don't have to tell you what this means of course - that Samsung might have finally cracked the code how to cram a 5" display into a 4.3" body, or something of that magnitude.

Not to mention that it will probably look futuristic, like those concept videos we've seen here and there, where your device is mostly a screen - we actually used the one from Corning for the thumb. 

Samsung certainly has the engineering prowess to pull this off. It has been hammering (litterally) AMOLED displays with plastic substrates, and its investment Corning came out with a Lotus Glass layer for its AMOLED displays, so we have all prerequisites for a frameless screen existence. Read about the benefits of plastic substrate OLEDs in our interview with researcher Michael G. Helander.

Whether this rumor ties with Samsung spokesperson's claim about outing a phone in the first half of this year with flexible OLED display we don't know, but if it does, Samsung will certainly keep the lazy summer months interesting.

source: MK via SammyHub

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