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  • Liveblog: Carrier Roundtable “Beyond LTE – Carrier Innovations”

Liveblog: Carrier Roundtable “Beyond LTE – Carrier Innovations”

Liveblog: Carrier Roundtable “Beyond LTE – Carrier Innovations”
Some say that a smartphone is only as good as the apps that run on it. Others prefer to say that a smartphone is only as good as the network it runs on. Putting things this way, it somehow becomes obvious that the first sentence may easily come from the mouths of developers, while the second one from... you guessed it - carriers.

While we can easily agree with both statements, it's hard to deny the fact that things have been much more intense on the carrier front lately. Currently, the major U.S. carriers are in the midst of a 3G-4G transition, users are still trying to wrap their heads around the new tiered pricing scheme, there are constant disputes about insufficient bandwidth, and so on and so forth. This year, CTIA is hosting a roundtable event, featuring the CEOs of all four major U.S. carriers: AT&T's Ralph de la Vega, Verizon's Dan Mead, Sprint's Dan Hesse and T-Mobile's Philipp Humm. One of the main topics of discussion will be LTE - the mobile network technology that almost all carriers are going to adopt in the very near future (some already have). In addition, though, these guys are also going to touch on a number of other interesting subjects, so we're sure it will be interesting for you to follow our liveblog below and see what they have to say about the innovations that are happening within the carrier space, as well as... well, each other. The liveblog will appear below shortly before the event kicks off!

The event starts at:
2:30PM Pacific | 4:30PM Central | 5:30PM Eastern Time

Note: You may need to refresh the page for the liveblog to start.

Live event tracker

17:58Ralph says that AT&Ts focus with digitallife would be a growth area for the carrier
17:55Cramer makes the point that Tmo needs to focus on pricing, mainly because they lack the iPhone,
17:54Humm is taking about overages, like how there shouldn't be any surprised from the consumer end.
17:53Meade is now up touting that there won't be a wall with data connectivity.
17:51Here we go, it's Ralph versus Humm regarding the network
17:51Bad reputation as a whole.
17:50Hence why the industry as a whole has a bad rap.
17:50ralph says, "It ain't true!"
17:50Wow...right ingot he heart. Cramer mentions the Tmo commercial about the iPhone speed is slow on AT&T
17:48Hesse says that sprints Achilles heel is trust. They want to win over customers with trust.
17:47Cramer mentions that the top 3 successes have been at the expense of Tmobile, like Tmo didn't have any growth.
17:44Meade: "we don't have the most spectrum, but we use our spectrum efficiently"
17:41Meade, of course, mentions VZs LTE network as the biggest thing still for them.
17:41With Humm, it's building out the LTE network and business end stuff.
17:41(null) yfrog.com/h4aoowhpj
17:41And that the roll out of its LTE network will surely be exciting.
17:40Dan says the iPhone has been a big change for sprint.
17:40Ralph says its LTE roll out has been amazing, while devices getting better battery than before.
17:39Ralph thinks the next big thing will be mobile payment and commerce.
17:39Hesse think privacy will be more of a priority than speed.
17:38(null) yfrog.com/mm56466305j
17:38Meade says mobile video, how it's shared via data connectivity, is the biggest thing from last year.
17:37Humm says its 4G roll out is the company's biggest thing.
17:36Dan Hesse making a joke about the AT&T and Tmo deal going down,
17:36(null) yfrog.com/oe5gnmsj
17:35(null) yfrog.com/oe13txgoj
17:35All three CEOs are now in stage. With Jim Cramer moderating the conversation.
17:33Jim Cramer is being introduced, and the moderator of this round table event.
17:32And Ralph is done!
17:30Brief video is now being played.
17:29Definitely a lot of interesting stuff with digitallife.
17:29Very much big brother like at the home
17:29With digitallife, kids can no longer have secret parties, because parents will have control of the home at all times.
17:26"redefine the experience and lead the way" with digitallife
17:25It's a user friendly hub and interface, with plenty of customization with security features.
17:24AT&T digitallife trials at being conducted right now, bringing the home together thanks to technology. All IP based home monitoring service.
17:23Located in 3 places around the world
17:22AT&T Foundry is "where ideas are made"
17:22TIP: The Innovation Pipeline. 120,000 employees, 17,000 ideas, $27 million investment.
17:20"digital technology has the potential to make people's lives better, fuller, richer."
17:20"digital guardianship: keeping track of family....never being out of touch"
17:19"digital kinship: sharing moments......keeping us connected"
17:183 part challenge for AT&T: Research, Innovation, and new products.
17:18Instead, he's going right into the whole thing surrounding LTE.
17:17Interesting, Ralph didn't come out right away addressing that Tmo commercial
17:16And now Ralph is on stage, lots of applause, but we're interested in what he has to say after that commercial spot.

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posted on 08 May 2012, 17:00

1. kindahipdude (Posts: 55; Member since: 05 Apr 2012)

holy crap sprint, talk about your lack of LTE and what exactly is going on about it! No one wants to hear about privacy

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