Lithium build for Oppo N3 sounds like nirvana for phone buyers

Lithium build for Oppo N3 sounds like nirvana for some phone buyers
The latest teaser posted on Weibo by Oppo for its upcoming Oppo N3, hints at a lithium build for the device. The teaser shows initials from the periodic table, with the Oppo N3 product name written in a style that will make you immediately think of Breaking Bad. The image does have a caption, which says "[The lightest metal elements into Oppo N3] Do you know what the world’s lightest metal element is?"

The world's lightest element is lithium (Li). According to one description of it, Lithium is "highly reactive and flammable" which doesn't really make it sound like the best stuff to make a phone out of. And in response to one Weibo poster's comment stating that Oppo would never make a phone out of Lithium, the manufacturer retorts, "don't be so sure of it".

To get around the least desirable properties of lithium, Oppo could be using an alloy for the N3. After all, the last thing smartphone buyers want is a phone that can bend in their front pocket. To be sure, a phone made with the material is sure to be light, something that might please a number of power users who feel like they are lifting weights every time they make or take a call.

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source: Oppo via GforGames

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