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LinkedIn will have Stories like Snapchat and Instagram

LinkedIn will have Stories like Snapchat and Instagram
In 2013, a feature called ‘Stories’ was created by Snapchat, and Instagram and Facebook adopted it not long after. People quickly got into the feature and started religiously using it, as it offered a new way to share exciting news or reach out to their followers or friends, without the post being on their profile forever.

Now, Microsoft-owned platform LinkedIn is working on bringing Stories to its users. Mainly focused on work relationships and professional networking, the platform could use the feature in ways that are not obvious when you first think of it. LinkedIn tells us that Stories could facilitate sharing key moments from work events, posting tips and tricks to work smarter, or quickly announcing something to colleagues.

On LinkedIn’s post about the new feature, the company states that there is an entire generation that is growing up with Stories and is more comfortable sharing content in a quickly vanishing manner, rather than in a sophisticated, well-thought-out post, and most likely LinkedIn wants to be able to appeal to those users as well.

Nevertheless, the most important purpose of Stories for LinkedIn is to inspire conversation between professionals, given the fact that conversations are in the heart of a lot of the things happening on the platform.

Currently, LinkedIn Stories are only being tested internally with no mention of an exact release date or without precise announcement of a release. However, it is said they will be tested with a broader audience in the coming months.


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