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Limited in-store sale of Apple Watch bands to begin this week

Limited in-store sale of Apple Watch bands to begin this week
Despite an overall mixed reception from both the tech and fashion communities, the fact remains that, at present, the Apple Watch is being sold more quickly than Apple can produce it. To avoid the usual in-store rush that occurs during the first days and weeks of every major new product launch, the Cupertino-based company has kept Apple Watch-related dealings online. Yesterday, CEO Tim Cook confirmed that in June, the device will be available to purchase at brick-and-mortar stores, and as per a new report, bands may be available in "limited" quantities from this week. 

The fact that the Watch, along with its accessories, is exclusively online has much to do with Angela Ahrendts, the woman Apple hired from Burberry to oversee its retail operations. Given Ahrendts' experience in the fashion industry, her appointment was seen as pivotal in underlining the Apple Watch's emphasis on presentation as well as functionality, and one of her first moves was to revamp the initial period of the Apple Watch's launch. 

Many have come to enjoy the business of queuing up outside Apple retail stores for days on end before a major launch. But Ahrendts recognized that in trying to come off as a high-end fashion brand, having a large assembly of customers tripping over one another was counter-productive, and so keeping everything online is both more streamlined and better for the company's image. 

If you want to buy the Apple Watch from an Apple Store, you probably won't be able to until next month, at the earliest. But later this week, Watch bands will become available in-store, suggests a report at 9to5Mac. Unfortunately for those looking to score a Milanese Loop or one of the more grandiose variants, it seems that most of the bands shipping to stores will be the base-level, fluoroelastomer Sport bands. 

The bands will be available to those who'd like a new or secondary band for their Apple Watch. The company will also use some of the in-store band shipments to replace those worn down from the try-on sessions, which have taken place at various Apple retail outlets since pre-orders began on April 10th. 

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